Life Coaching

As a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society within a coaching role, the aim is to help and empower others to work towards achieving and exceeding personal and professional goals. It’s all about making positive changes and sustaining efforts, responding to feedback and developing grit and resilience. By harnessing specialist techniques based on psychological principals and techniques the aim is to provide clients with the tools to confidently face difficult situations, push past barriers and eventually view life and its challenges more positively.


My style of life coaching is about guidance, objectivity, structure and empowerment. It is NOT about instruction, opinion or judgement. In my unique brand of coaching, I adopt Growth Mindset techniques with a Democratic style of coaching and utilise both Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural based strategies with evidence-based practice in my work.

All clients both past and present have found sessions useful and beneficial in their circumstances.  As part of each session and to help to work towards achieving goals all clients are provided with resources (sometimes in advance) and each session is tailor made to the individual needs of the client. If any future sessions have been booked in advance there is email support between sessions offered.

It is important to note that Life Coaching is NOT counselling. The role is not that of an ‘agony aunt’ or counsellor and I will therefore not impose personal views or make any medical diagnosis. Life coaching focuses mainly on the future; to encourage a positive approach to personal development and self-improvement.


Cost: No strings attached, ‘pay as you go’ working at your pace. I offer a free initial consultation via Skype to plan and to discuss the needs of the client. As a further unique aspect to my brand of coaching, there are no strings attached, it’s a ‘pay as you go’ arrangement. You work at your own pace through guidance and any future meeting dates and times are mutually agreed between the client and the coach (Kevin Dajee) with costs arranged in advance.


Further enquiries about the Life Coaching services Kevin Dajee can offer are welcome, please use the contact page. Hours of private work are generally as follows: After 6pm weekdays; 9am-6pm during Saturday-Sunday, outside of college commitments and during college term breaks; open to private work to be conducted via electronic correspondence (e.g Skype) if preferable or appropriate for clients, please enquire for further information. For more information please follow at You can follow Kevin Dajee and discover more about his areas of interest on his website, checking the British Psychological Society Directory of Chartered Psychologists site for details on private work he can offer and through his twitter @KevinDajee.

Client Testimonials:

“Kevin helped me to set targets and realise my goals, he helped me to realise and reach decisions for myself by taking an evidence based approach to my situation. So very grateful!”

“I can tell I’m getting the support of a professional.”

“I felt very empowered afterwards.”

“The sessions help to give me clarity. Speaking to my friends and family for guidance is resulting in lack of action – whereas speaking with Kevin is producing action and changing the way I spend my time outside of work.”

“Because I have confidence in Kevin’s qualifications and approach, I can feel certain statements giving a sensible and logical perspective.”

“Really really grateful – Kevin’s time was useful and it’s given me everything I needed for the next 4 weeks.”

“There was no pressure to book the next meeting. I was sent some useful homework to complete to reflect upon my circumstances ready for the next meeting. Booking with Kevin was easy and he was always flexible with times.”

“The session with Kevin helped to shape my ideas and see where I stand. It helped me to map the possibilities and to expand my ideas.”

“The coach was positive, knowledgeable and seemed to understand the client’s needs.”

“With each challenge you face, with each success and failure that you reflect upon,

you learn and promote growth.” ­­— Kevin Dajee