About The Psychologist

Profile1Kevin Dajee is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. As a qualified Teacher of Psychology and having lectured and conducted research within psychology departments at De Montfort University, University of Leicester and Coventry University; he has also worked within clinical settings utilising CBT and behavioural techniques, and conducting relevant psychometric CP_logo_RBGassessments (mental capacity and cognitive) and writing, compiling and preparing reports and case notes for clients and health professionals. He has also carried out research for the National Health Service and Department of Health in the UK. His main areas of specialist knowledge and interest as a Chartered Psychologist are in the fields of education, health, clinical and social psychology and the psychology of horror and science fiction in the media and in literature.

He is a published academic in peer-reviewed journals and is a proficient writer. As well as currently teaching psychology in a sixth form college, he is also a Guidance Manager working within a leadership role (line managing staff and conducting their performance reviews and observing practice and chairing meetings). He has further experience mentoring trainee teachers (observing practice and writing observation reports) and working as a psychology examiner for an examination board.

He has an active research interest and specialism within education. He enjoys research collaboration and carrying out and presenting research into Teaching and Learning within the education sector and actively and confidently designs and delivers workshops and sessions to professionals. He can offer guided support, supervision, consultation, teaching and training to organisations, individuals and groups with regards to teaching and learning strategies and personal development with an emphasis on motivation, innovation and a growth mindset approach in practice.

Kevin Dajee writes and edits articles on a wide range of topics and applies psychology and the promotion of the discipline to improve teaching, learning and personal development in a variety of sectors. He is also open to collaborative research opportunities, and can conduct relevant psychometric assessments across several settings if needed and can write, compile and prepare relevant reports.

Further enquiries about the services Kevin Dajee can offer are welcome. Hours of private work are generally as follows: After 6pm weekdays; outside of college commitments and during college term breaks; open to private work to be conducted via electronic correspondence if preferable or appropriate for clients and collaborators; exceptions at any other times may also be given if private work involves the delivery of CPD and training in an educational setting, please enquire for further information. For more information please follow at www.kevindajee.com


You can follow Kevin Dajee and discover more about his areas of interest on his website, checking the British Psychological Society Directory of Chartered Psychologists site for details on private work he can offer and through his twitter @KevinDajee.

He can also be followed via his Facebook page; YouTube channel and Pinterest site.