Leicester Teaching and Learning Autumn Conference 2017

I am excited to be once again presenting a workshop with inspiring educators, this time at the Leicester Teaching and Learning Autumn Conference #TeachCon17 on Friday 10 November 2017 . The leaves are falling and signalling change and as we move into a new season, a new opportunity present itself for us to do something new, try something bold, something beautiful; something that ultimately assists you and that enriches the experience of students!  Learning new things, sharing ideas and experiences, meeting like-minded and inspiring individuals, embracing diversity and the desire to want to make a difference are aspects that aim to drive and motivate any individual.





In any of the work I carryout whether that be in the teaching of psychology, carrying out research and in writing, within my leadership role, delivering training workshops, work within psychology and in coaching clients I always look for any opportunity to not only impart and share knowledge but to also learn something new from others. This particular event is designed for “teachers who want to make a bigger difference in the classroom” and is an opportunity to reinvigorate teachers’ enthusiasm, excitement, and tools within the profession. Led by practising teachers, the day will provide a wealth of ideas from which to create enriching and challenging teaching resources which will ultimately impact upon the learning experiences of young people. Workshops will provide engaging classroom based research and/or practice that will provoke excitement, interest and inspire teachers and which will ultimately impact on the learning and life chances of our young people. Looking forward to meeting colleagues at the event and to the prospect of learning new things. For further details about the event and about the workshop that I shall be delivering please see details below.

Workshop Title: The Psychology behind Sticky Notes and how to effectively use them in teaching practice to encourage Collaborative Learning

Workshop Leader: Kevin Dajee (@KevinDajee)

Target audience: Teachers, Leaders and anyone working with young people

Expected outcomes: Delegates will be able to gain an understanding of the psychology behind the use of sticky notes and why they prove so popular in our lives and how they can be used to facilitate teaching and encourage collaborative learning. Delegates will also be able to participate in a demonstration in the use of digital sticky notes that can be used as a blended learning tool to communicate ideas when used with smartphones and tablets. By the end of the session delegates will have a range of ideas to use in their own teaching practice and beyond!

Outline of the session: Sticky notes can be a key tool that blends seamlessly into the learning environment. Small pieces of paper with a strip of adhesive on the back, simple and versatile, they can serve multiple functions and be a valuable tool and resource. The session will outline the psychology behind why sticky notes can be effective and identify a variety of ways that they can be used as a tool to encourage collaboration in the classroom. The session will also outline how digital sticky note services (such as Lino-it) can be used. Delegates will be able to participate in a ‘Lino-It’ demonstration and realise ways that it can be utilised. The benefits of this approach include increased engagement and interactivity; increased accessibility for learners with various needs and accessibility and development of digital capabilities. Come and find out how I have been using sticky notes! There will be an opportunity for some questions & answers and to share ideas. An article will be provided outlining a range of ideas of how to effectively incorporate sticky notes in your teaching practice to encourage collaborative learning.

Come along and “Develop a range of ideas of how to effectively incorporate sticky notes in your teaching practice to encourage collaborative learning” with @kevindajee at the Leicester Teaching and Learning Autumn Conference. Join me and many other inspiring educators on 10th November 2017 at the City of Leicester College in #Leicester #TeachCon17 #ukedchat #edchat

For further details about this Autumn Teaching and Learning event in Leicester and the workshops on offer and tickets please visit http://www.cityleicester.co.uk/autumn-conference-2



Fri, November 10, 2017

08:30 AM – 3:10 PM BST



The City of Leicester College

Downing Drive




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