Profile1Thanks for reaching my new self-hosted website! Writing about psychology, teaching and learning, human motivation and of course my interest in horror and science fiction in the media and in literature are amongst the many things I enjoy covering.

As a Chartered Psychologist and writer, Kevin Dajee explores humanity’s past, present and future through fiction. Everyday normal situations and circumstances of the unknown are turned into twisted tales to challenge our cognition, biology and behaviour and that allow us to delve into the darker depths of our existence and unconsciousness. Currently writing an experimental horror collection of linked flash fiction and short stories that can be read on the go. It can be read as a complete novel but possesses the flexibility of a collection offering the reader a different experience of prose and perspective. The horror is written because even happy and positive minds can still have dark thoughts! 

Many have followed from my previous wordpress.com site and I welcome existing and new subscribers and followers to the next chapter in my writing! Please feel free to offer you thoughts and feedback both on the writing and on the new website layout.  


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